Apple of My Eye 10 01 07

As a Mac-using freshman in 2000 at Northeastern University’s College of Computer & Information Science, I was pretty much a joke to everyone–mostly due to my computer, but okay, that could be debated. The all too often question was, “how are you gonna do computer science on a Mac?” Surprisingly, I did just fine, and before I knew it, a lot of people were picking up on the Mac trend. By the time I graduated a lot had changed in the Mac world and surprisingly, I actually knew a handful of other people who owned Macs.

But when I saw the below photo taken by Mollie Sterling of a classroom at her alma mater, The Missouri School of Journalism, I was more than shocked. I knew there was an up-tick in Mac usage but I certainly never imagined something like this. Even if it was staged or if having a Mac is a prerequisite, it is still an amazing sight.

Look at them Apples
Mac filled Missouri School of Journalism classroom [Large Version]